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Wrestlemania 2018 Video Corner!

April 3, 2018

Last year, The Jerks each gave you 10 of their favorite Wrestlemania matches.  This year, Eddie and Ray shine up the Video Corner with two of their favorite Wrestlemania matches.  Leading off is Eddie's pick!  The Main Event from Wrestlemania XXX: Randy Orton vs Batista vs Daniel Bryan for the WWE Championship!  Next up, Ray's pick!  The Undertaker vs HHH in a Hell in a Cell match from Wrestlemania XXVIII!   Eddie and Ray will be making picks and predictions for Wrestlemania 34 on the next podcast!  Also, time is running out to win EddieTheJerk's very own WWE Network Subscription! Get you some!  We love you guys!

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Video Links: WrestleMania XXX - Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton vs. Batista: WrestleMania XXVIII - Triple H vs. The Undertaker:

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Episode 45:

Wrestlemania 2018 Video Corner!

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