Jerk Of All Trades

The Jerks Interview Joe from Those Movie Guys Podcast!

May 6, 2018

The Jerks have returned with another fresh and possibly delicious episode of JOAT! This week we welcome a very special guest, Joe from Those Movie Guys Podcast. An absolute blast was had and no stone was unturned. Find out about him growing up in the thumb of Michigan watching horror films on stormy nights, his history of roughing up bad guys in South America, how his film obsession first came to be and why he thinks that the podcast is the next big step in entertainment. Of course Joe hosts Those Movie Guys Podcast so plenty of movie talk is had. Joe, Eddie and Ray all dish out their top 5 films of all times with controversy abound (Joe is questioning your picks Eddie), discuss the visceral impact that film can have and Ray and Joe have a full on horror geek out session. Best believe you don’t want to miss a single solitary moment of the newest episode of Jerk of all Trades. Thanks again for all your support, you know it but I will repeat, We Love You Guys!




Joe Verbeke from Those Movie Guys Podcast


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Episode 48:


The Jerks Interview Joe from Those Movie Guys Podcast!

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