Jerk Of All Trades

The end of password sharing coming soon? Man with the world’s largest penis and more!

January 29, 2018

The Jerks are going DEEP this week!  We introduce you to Roberto, the man with the world's largest penis!  Without spoiling it, we'll just say we feel bad for Roberto.  It seems like a long stretch of bad luck for the guy.  At least he is trying to make the most out of a really hard situation. I don’t know if most people in his situation would be able to endure the pounding...alright we’ll stop now lol.  Do you share any of your passwords for your favorite online streaming website?  Well, companies are claiming they are losing lots of money from it and that shit might be coming to an end soon!  Plus, we talk about a band's lead singer allegedly getting busted smuggling millions of dollars of drugs into Japan and Youtube copyright striking a video containing only "white noise"...yes, really.  Thanks for sticking with us, we love you guys!

0:31 - "It's still cold, it's still snowing." 2:25 - Ray teaches his girlfriend how to play guitar 6:21 - "RAW 25" Talk 9:14 - Man with the World's Largest Penis now disabled 16:33 - Companies clamping down on password sharing 29:31 - "Netflix is still bringing it." 39:14 - Iron Maiden tribute band singer arrested after $7 million drugs bust 48:37 - White noise video on YouTube hit by five copyright claims 51:54 - Wise Words from "The Jerks" 54:08 - Inspirobot

Video Links: Kinsey “How Large is Your Penis?” : McMahon Million Dollar Mania: Powerclown “Number of the Beast” : 10 Hour of White Noise:

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Episode 42:

The end of password sharing coming soon?  Man with the world's largest penis and more!

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