Jerk Of All Trades

“Sophia” the first Robot Citizen, Cancer curing Nano-machines, Amazon’s new “Key Package” and more!

November 13, 2017

"Sophia" is here and she wants to destroy every human being in her path! Good thing "The Jerks" are here and able to put an end to that noise if need be! Would you give Amazon a key to your home to make deliveries while you're at work? How do you feel about robots roaming the aisles of Wal-Mart while you're shopping? Prostitutes who kill based on poor oral performance and swallowing the evidence? OH YEAH! All that and then some with a quick UFC 217 recap and an outstanding JOAT Video Corner! We love you guys! See ya next week!

1:38 - "Sophie" the First Robot Citizen 7:15 - Wal Mart is getting Robot Employees 13:55 - Case Cruncher Alpha > Cambridge Law Students 19:25 - Amazon's New "Key Package" 30:47 - UFC 217 Recap 34:23 - Vampire Hysteria in Malawi 41:51 - Cancer Curing Nano-Machines 50:11 - Universal Call-Out: Prostitutes 1:10:43 - JOAT Video Corner

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JOAT Video Corner Links: 1:11:19 - 15 Lies Your School Told You: 1:22:21 - Guy Attempts to Chug 6-Pack of Beer with Leaf Blower: 1:27:21 - Cop Calls 911 After Getting Too Stoned: 1:29:05 - She Broke My Heart… :

Episode 32:

Sophia the First Robot Citizen, Cancer curing Nano-machines, Amazon's new "Key Package" and more!

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