Jerk Of All Trades

JOAT Video Corner: “Santa” falls from mall ceiling, humorous robot klutzes and more!

January 24, 2018

Have you ever seen a super sophisticated, super expensive, super intricately and meticulously created hunk of metal and wires fall over before?  Well, you're in luck because "The Jerks" got your back!  This week's Video Corner will have your stomach aching from all the belly laughs you'll be having!  I hope that Santa guy from the mall is ok!  That was painful to watch, in more ways than one, lol!  Also, don't miss the new chameleon rapper who can rap over 20 different styles of rap and hip-hop across the globe! This guy is truly talented!  Thanks for sticking with us, we love you guys!

The Jerk Of All Trades Podcast does not claim any ownership of the videos watched during the JOAT Video Corner. They are utilized for commentary purposes only.

Click the video links below to watch with us!

Video Links:

Backflipping Robot:
Robots Falling Down: Attractive Sex Robot: Super Mario 64 improves your memory: Silent Night sung by cats: Mall Santa gets stuck while repelling: Psychedelic Funhouse: Sign Language Interpretur signs gibberish: Never get distracted by your phone again: Hairline Ink: Intense Japanese Rock Paper Scissors: Mac Lethal performs 28 styles of Rap: Burt Reynolds vs. Marc Summers: DEA is coming for your coffee: Inside Alan Moore’s Head:

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Episode 41:

JOAT Video Corner: "Santa" falls from mall ceiling, humorous robot klutzes and more!

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