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JOAT Video Corner: Jerk-tember to Remember

November 27, 2017

Are you ready? I said…Are you ready!? Well...listeners of the JOAT Podcast, you had best be ready to intake the very first edition of the JOAT Video Corner Podcast! The Jerks are watching videos and providing biting, humorous and sometimes informative play by play! Check the video links in the description or at and watch along with The Jerks!

For the debut of the all Video Corner episode, Eddie and Ray are starting it much like how they started Episode 1 of JOAT, with a lil wrasslin’ action! With it being November, they decided to showcase some of the wrestling tradition of November of years past. Sycho Sid takes on HBK is a vastly underrated WWF title match from Survivor Series 1996. Next up, The Jerks showcase Raven and Cactus Jack vs Tommy Dreamer and Terry Funk from November to Remember 1995. It is definitely one you won’t soon forget! Last but not least, The Jerks serve up an absolute classic (at least by 2000 era WCW standards) as Booker T battles JOAT favorite Scott Steiner for the WCW Title in a Straight Jacket Cage Match. Yep, you read that right.

We hope you enjoy the JOAT Video Corner and drop us a line if you have a video suggestion for a future episode! As always, We Love You Guys!

JOAT Video Corner Links: 1:39 - Sycho Sid vs HBK: 31:13 - Raven and Cactus Jack vs Tommy Dreamer and Terry Funk: 53:18 - Booker T vs Scott Steiner:

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Episode 34:

JOAT Video Corner Volume 1

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