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JOAT Video Corner: Bus Driver uppercuts, Nicholas Cage freak-outs, 80’s Dating Tapes and more!

December 5, 2017

You guys loved last week’s debut edition of the JOAT Video Corner only podcast we decided to hit you with the sequel. This one is going to go down in history alongside The Godfather 2, Terminator 2: Judgment Day and Air Bud 2: Golden Receiver..well maybe not quite on Air Bud 2’s level, but close!

All kidding aside, the jerks are bringing you more funny, interesting, and absurd videos from the deepest reaches of the interwebz, Facebook and YouTube mainly but I digress. Prepare to have your frontal lobe poked, and cerebral cortex prodded as you watch and react alongside the jerks. This episode we watch Demi Moore make out with a 12 year old, see what dating tapes looked like in the 80’s, hear why tatas deserve equal treatment, watch Nicholas Cage losing it and even hear the origins of Eddie’s Bus driver uppercut…Finish Him!

Be sure to check out the video links below to watch with us!

As always Jerk Of All Trades claim no ownership of the videos watched during the JOAT Video Corner, and they are utilized for commentary purposes only.

JOAT Video Corner Links: Demi Moore makes out with kid: Wrong Heads Disney: Dating in the 80’s: Creepiest Phone Charger Ever: You can lick your cat: Woman thinks dogs don’t have brains: Floor collapses at party: JNCO’s are back: Your Contact lens habits Suck: Anyone can spread their conspiracy theories thanks to the internet: Hackers can take over your computer screen: Lazy Lovers: Why are boobs taboo: The Wonder Boner: Geraldo Rivera Satanism Warning Signs: Morgue The Soul Equation: Nicholas Cage Freak Out Montage: Bus Driver Uppercut Mortal Kombat style:

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Episode 35:

JOAT Video Corner: Bus Driver uppercuts, Nicholas Cage freak-outs, 80’s Dating Tapes and more!

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