Jerk Of All Trades

Introducing AlphaZero: the World’s Greatest Robot Super Computer & Japanese Deer f*cking Monkey’s!

March 15, 2018

Here at JOAT, we don't believe in charging you guys for the podcast.  Therefore, we don't believe it's fair for you guys to be charged when you get your daily porn fix either.  Rhode Island, we're looking at you!  This week, Eddie and Ray talk about a recent "swatting" incident which left an innocent victim dead in it's wake, in a sorry excuse of a prank.  We also take an in-depth look at AlphaZero, a new computer program that became the world's greatest chess player in just 240 minutes!  Also, if you've ever had a pet monkey, and caught it jerking off while you were watching some old school "Bambi" now you know why.  Monkeys in Japan have been caught mounting deer for the ultimate thrill ride!  All this and more!  Make sure you listen to the whole podcast so you don't miss the details on how to win a *FREE* 3 month subscription to the WWE Network!  We love you guys!

1:03 - RayTheJerk wins the Elimination Chamber picks 3:51 - “Swatting” prank leads to fatal police shooting 16:00 - Robot Chess-master AlphaZero 27:37 - JOAT "WWE Network Giveaway" details 33:00 - Monkeys “swiping right” on Deer in Japan 45:30 - Rhode Island porn fees 54:37 - Wise Words from "The Jerks" 1:09:09 - Inspirobot

Video Links: “Swatting” Prank Turns Deadly: REEM-A Humanoid Robot Playing Chess: Monkey Tries to Mate with Deer: SFW Porn:

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Episode 44:

Introducing AlphaZero; the World's Greatest Robot Super Computer, Japanese Deer f*cking Monkey's, and more!

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